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   The WorldSIM Global Roaming SIM Card

Forget about paying extortionate international roaming costs when you use your phone hile travelling internationally. The WorldSIM global SIM gives you free international roaming in over 90 countries and cheap international calls while you travel. Save up to 85% on your mobile calls while you overseas. With WorldSIM you can ‘Go Global’ but ‘Pay Local’.

Our Roam Free Travel SIM gives you…

Free incoming calls in over 90 countries
Data from $0.20 per MB
Out-going calls from $0.20 per minute
Network coverage in over 175 countries

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What you get with your WorldSIM Travel SIM card?

There is loads of value packed into your WorldSIM global SIM card; with free international roaming in 90 countries and greatly reduced calls, data and SMS messaging you can save money every time you use it. Unlike other SIM cards, WorldSIM offer more coverage, more free roaming and we reduce our prices not increase them.

Benefit from:
Free international roaming in 90 countries.
Save up to 85% on your mobile calls.
Pre-loaded with $15 credit so you can start using it immediately.
No monthly top up requirement and it will not expire for 12 months since the last activity on the SIM.


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